High quality items for you, your horse and/or dog

​We are a small business in Hailsham, East Sussex who strives to offer high quality, lovingly hand made items designed to last. We also source pre made items for you through 'The Animal Jewellery Box' - animal and nature based jewellery.



You: Bracelets, Necklaces, Sun Catchers, Key Rings, etc.

Horses:  Rhythm Beads, Saddle ID Clips, etc.

Dogs: Leads, ID, Collars, Necklaces, etc.

Supporting local businesses like ourselves is very important to us, so our hand made products are put together using quality USA made paracord, biothane and acrylic beads that are sourced from UK businesses like us. ​

Custom orders welcome.



Friesian horse wearing red and gold rhythm beads bells
Rainbow horse rhythm beads red yellow pink green orange purple blue
black friesian horse wearing blue spirit rhythm beads bells
Beaded ID dog collar
Adjustable black biothane dog collar
Pink paracord woven biothane dog collar