Introducing Your Rhythm Beads

Although most horses are absolutely fine with having the rhythm beads on right away (including our own) we understand that all horses are different and wanted to provide some steps for introducing your rhythm beads.
You know your horse, if your horse looks unsure of the rhythm beads, desensitise on the ground, in an open area like a sand school, NOT in a stable/barn, first before you even attempt to put them on your horse. As you can imagine, the sound of the bells will be amplified in a small closed space like a stable. 


  1.  Put the rhythm beads around your own neck like a necklace and lead your horse, using treats for encouragement if needed, giving him/her time to listen and watch, usually best to let them walk slightly behind you. Be bold and walk forward ahead of them.

  2. Once your horse has settled to the sound, hold the rhythm beads in your hand and place them where they will be on the horse and walk alongside whilst leading and holding the rhythm beads.
  3. Once your horse has relaxed and settled well to the sound, put them over your horses head. Just have them stand and then take them back off.
  4. If all steps have gone well, put the rhythm beads on your horse again and lead around progressing to a trot and canter on the lunge if you feel they are ready.
  5. If your horse is completely relaxed on the lunge proceed to tacking up and riding in an enclosed area before going out for a hack.
If your horse really doesn't like the sound of the bells take all of the bells off (they are attached using split rings and can be easily wound off like you can a key on a keyring) and repeat the steps above, adding bell by bell as they settle. Take everything slow and increase the bells as he/she gets used to them, leaving the louder large bell last to add. Do the same steps as above when you add each bell, going back to step 1 - 5 first. You may have to do this over a few days or you could get there quicker. You may be surprised on how your equine takes to them.
If you need any additional advice please do not hesitate to get in touch.
Pony having rhythm beads put on