ECONOMY BLUE Rhythm Beads - Calming/Connecting


These authentic economy 'Spirit Rhythm Beads & Leads' rhythm beads are still made of high quality acrylic beading and lightweight but very strong, durable paracord, finished with a mane clip and an adjustable hand woven slide toggle but have less bells (if bells are wanted). A great starter set to suit those with a lower budget.


You can choose to have no bells or you can select the bell size from the drop down menus (the bigger the bell the louder/deeper the sound). If you have selected to have bells, please write in the text box provided which colour you would like, GOLD or SILVER. It doesn't really matter which size bells you choose, they will all be heard but our horses personally prefer the medium 28mm bells and we believe they are heard better by others on your approach (people and nearby animals). Not all like the louder bells so it is totally down to your preference.


Centre options of your choice will be added (please see photos of these and select from options available on the drop down menu). A wider selection is also available to purchase separately in the shop if you would like replacements or a variety to swap to.


All of our bells/centre options can be taken off and added by yourself if needed by winding off of the split ring - as you would a key on a keyring.


  • Slide toggle for easy size adjustment
  • Mane clip to keep in place
  • Quality 9x6mm acrylic beads used
  • Lightweight (even when wet)
  • Easy to clean
  • Handmade in the UK


TO MEASURE: Measure all around your horses/ponies neck (please see picture) using a flexible measuring tape, alternatively use a piece of string/twine and then measure that with a solid ruler. The rhythm beads are adjustable by pulling the cord in/out through the woven toggle.


Please see size ranges below. Quantity of bells - if you are having bells - depends on the size ordered:

XXS = 68-88cm (2 side bells + centre option of your choice)
XS = 89-109cm (2 side bells + centre option of your choice)
S = 110-130cm (2 side bells + centre option of your choice)
M = 131-151cm (4 side bells + centre option of your choice)
L = 152-172cm (4 side bells + centre option of your choice)
XL = 173-193cm (4 side bells + centre option of your choice)
XXL = 194-214cm (4 side bells + centre option of your choice)


*6 Month guarantee for defects in material and/or craftsmanship*


If you would prefer to have rhythm beads completely custom made or you have a budget we are happy to help, please go to our custom made orders page or send us an email with your requirements.

ECONOMY BLUE Rhythm Beads - Calming/Connecting