ID/Telephone Number Clip For Saddles (1 strand)


Are you worried about your horse should you have a fall and they run off? Someone finds them but either can't get too close OR they can but don't know who to contact. With these ID clips they can be read from a short distance with numbers on all sides of the beads, clipped onto the D ring of your saddle they allow easy access.


These authentic 'Spirit Rhythm Beads & Leads' ID clips are made of high quality acrylic beading, lightweight but very strong, durable paracord and finished with a strong trigger clip. Secure knots are used which can endure the movement that comes with riding. Approximate length 15cm.


  • Strong trigger hook to keep in place
  • Quality acrylic beads used
  • Lightweight (even when wet)
  • Easy to clean
  • Handmade in the UK
  • Numbers can be seen from a short distance


When ordering please include the emergency contact number you would like in the text box provided. (Maximum 11 numbers per saddle clip). It is your responsibility to provide the correct number(s) when ordering so please double check when adding to the text box as a refund will not be given if a mistake was made on your part :)


*6 Month guarantee for defects in material and/or craftsmanship*

ID/Telephone Number Clip For Saddles (1 strand)

  • Please wipe down and hang your saddle clip to dry if they get wet to keep them at their best.


    Please always check your saddle clip for wear and tear & ensure all number beads are still in tact before each ride.